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Cathie Walker, creative force behind Centre for the Easily Amused (http://amused.com/) refered to Site du Jour of the Day as one of her "favourites" in a piece about getting fun stuff in the old e-mail box in the Amused News dated August 28, 1998. It's a mighty nice thing for anyone to say, especially the Queen of the Internet.


A hearty Thank You Kindly goes out to "Big Hank" for his interpretation of the Site du Jour of the Day logotype. Mr. Henry's My First Page or Big Hank's Woodburnin' Gallery was Site du Jour of the Day on March 10, 1998 (980310). He was thoughtful enough to create this piece and mail it to me. The scan barely does the panel justice. It is a woodburning with acrylic and measures 11.75 by 10 inches, signed on the back. Currently it hangs next to my favorite picture of Elvis and it looks great there.

Wood Burning of the SdJotD logotype

If you should happen upon a pointer that is no longer working and feel so inclined, please let me know about it.


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