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Welcome to the Site du Jour of the Day Archives. Since February 1997 Site du Jour of the Day episodes have been sent to people all around the world. These e-mail messages are available by free subscription and look at sites that are new, might otherwise go unnoticed and deserve wider recognition, have topical content or are just plain interesting. Sometimes even the fun ones get through.

Site du Jour of the Day isn't an award per se, but instead a detailed collection of site reviews, pointers and theme weeks. Most of the scouting is done by myself, although site suggestions are taken from subscribers to the free e-mail version. Currently the Archive is updated on a weekly basis and is in place as a reference for anyone who wishes to use it. I encourage you to explore the Archives, visit the sites and even request a free subscription.

The Archive for May 2002 was updated on May 29. The next update is scheduled for May 31, 2002. The Archive for April 2002 was updated on April 30, 2002.

Edward J. Pelegrino
Fort Myers, Florida, USA

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