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Basic Instructions

Basic Instructions

Step 1

Enter a search word in the Pinpoint Search box above (for example "search"), another page will load with a list of Archive pages that contain the word you entered if it is found (example at left).

Selecting a pointer will take you to a page where that word can be found (as seen in step 2 below).

Step 2

Once a page has loaded you can either work your way down the page to locate the particular word you are looking for or use the Edit/Find feature as described in Step 2a.

Step 2a

Use the Edit/Find feature built in to most modern browsers to speed the process.

Step  3

The first example of the word you were looking for will show up in a similar fashion as the word Search does to the left. Additional instances of the search word may also be found on that page if step 2a is repeated.

This process will become easier and the accuracy level will increase during the next few weeks as the HTML code used in the Archive pages is improved upon.

Any comments you have about the Search feature are welcomed, please send them to me at


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