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For a wide selection of Music, Movies, and More

(020103) Resolutions Reminders @

Troy Surratt
Aurora, Colorado, USA

Happy New Year! It's two-double-aught-two and there's still something quaint about the old-fashion business of New Year's Resolutions. Be nicer to idiots, turn off the lights when leaving the room (a hoot on the way out of public restrooms), find a better job, pay closer attention to diet and general health. All good ideas of course, but by the end of January our New Year's Resolutions often become misplaced. Imagine if you could get someone to rattle your cage every month, just to keep you on the right track. Imagine that little poke without the nagging. Resolutions Reminders @ will send monthly e-mail messages complete inspirational thoughts and pointers to other sites that could help you achieve your goal(s) set at any point in the year. The pointers and information are available at the Resolutions Reminders @ site, but there's something to be said for the thrill of receiving a message in July that helps carry you through. As always when subscribing to something like Resolutions Reminders @ or when providing personal information, using a secondary e-mail address is strongly recommended but not necessary. See Edwin Hayward's Free Email Address Directory ( (SdJotD 010316) for more on the subject of alternate e-mail addresses. Resolutions Reminders @ is one of those useful free services that is very nice to see. (Back to top of page)

(020104) The Astounding B Monster
The Internet's Coolest Cult-Movie Resource

Marty Baumann
Arlington, Virginia, USA

I'm kind of glad that the holidays are over. Nothing wrong with the holidays, not much I'd change anyway. The beer stores were open long enough so as not to cause a problem at any point from about the 20th of December on. The one thing I would change, and it really doesn't matter now that we are well clear of New Year's Day, the one thing is television. Especially the cable. If it's not the football games everywhere you turn, it's all of the really good movies being shown to perhaps counter the football. I like football, and I like good movies old and new, but too much of a good thing wears thin.

I wasn't thinking much about the football and movie overload as it was happening, it was the suggestion sent in by Reddog that started me to thinking. I didn't look at Santa Claus Conquers the Martians this year or any other even remotely bad picture, not counting the forty or so versions of A Christmas Carol floating around. Everything was nice and family-sized. The Astounding B Monster - The Internet's Coolest Cult-Movie Resource could be the cure for that feeling of extra wholesomeness. Interviews with the stars, essays, and a whole lot of surprises make up the content at The Astounding B Monster - The Internet's Coolest Cult-Movie Resource.

If you enjoyed Stomp Tokyo ( (SdJotD 990413) or Oh, the Humanity! The Worst Movies on Earth ( (SdJotD 980719), The Astounding B Monster - The Internet's Coolest Cult-Movie Resource is an important next stop. (Back to top of page)

(020105) Bardot A Go Go -- Approved!

Johnnie Lieske, Alan Parawski, and Dan Strachota
Castle Pink Frankenstein
San Francisco, California, USA

Every so often a message comes in from a visitor to this, the Site du Jour of the Day Archive site. They are usually looking for something and hoping that someone can help. The messages are almost always odd for one reason or another. This particular request comes from a Jess Cariker, "I am looking for French song records and am wondering if you sell any. If not, do you know of any place I may order French song records on line. Thank you, Jess Cariker."

I don't have a line on French song records but there is a site with Track and Field French Records ( It's at Petri Niininen's impressive Athletics Home Page ( but it's almost certainly not what Jess Cariker was after.

Then there's Bardot A Go Go ( With Bardot A Go Go -- Approved! we're probably getting a lot warmer. Not quite sure what type of French song records Jess Cariker is after, the titles and reviews at Bardot A Go Go -- Approved! could make for a good start and maybe even a remotely interesting episode of Site du Jour of the Day. The idea behind Bardot A Go Go certainly qualifies as a cool one — celebrating the popular music originating in France during the 1960s, Bardot A Go Go is a series of special events, dances actually. There's also the documentary film on the subject, it's in post-production stages right now. (Back to top of page)

(020106) Yahoo! Buzz Index

Sunnyvale, California, USA

Combine topical news stories, a boatload of hype, and a search engine then rank the subjects which generate the most interest. See what all the kids are doing this week, see what is passing for news, and see if you can guess what will be the next big thing. An interesting look at how the Internet is helping to shape and facilitate American popular culture. (Back to top of page)

(020107) Google Zeitgeist

Google Inc.
Mountain View, California, USA

Suggested by Stephanie West Allen, this section of the magnificent search engine Google ( (SdJotD 990408), is from the Google Press Center ( Like the Yahoo! Buzz Index ( (SdJotD 020106) Google Zeitgeist ranks the popularity of search keywords — those words and phrases used to find additional information on a subject. Of particular interest right now at the page is the Year-End Google Zeitgeist - Search patterns, trends, and surprises. Comprised of fourteen charts, the Year-End Google Zeitgeist shows the top ten (or more) in a wide range of categories. It's the surprise part that rings true. Based on searches conducted at Google during the year 2001 the most popular musical group is none other than The Beatles. Go figure.

Here is the entire list:

Top 10 Music Groups

1. beatles (
2. u2 (
3. nsync (
4. backstreet boys (
5. linkin park (
6. pink floyd (
7. metallica (
8. limp bizkit (
9. blink 182 (
10. enya (

Pointers to Google search results pages are included with the lists making these charts that much more useful. Obviously filtered for all audiences and typographical errors, the results displayed at Google Zeitgeist are certainly worth watching. (Back to top of page)

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(020108) ELVIS is still #1

Robert Derr
Houston, Texas, USA

This make the third time that Big Bad Bob's ELVIS is still #1 has been featured as Site du Jour of the Day. The first time was February 22, 1997 (SdJotD 970222), and again for Dead Elvis Week on August 8, 1997 (SdJotD 970808). Today marks the anniversary of the birth of Elvis Presley. Born in 1935, Elvis went on to become one of the most popular entertainers of his time. In fact, the record label that owned him is still repackaging and reissuing Elvis records all of the time.

Big Bad Bob's ELVIS is still #1 offers a quick tour of Graceland and a little bit of opinion on what made the King of Rock 'n' Roll such a legend. Not by any means the most complete Elvis site you will ever see, but it gets the job done. Be sure to follow the tour completely through. Have a look at some of the other pages and sites listed throughout. A nice tribute to the King and still one of the best Elvis related sites available.

Elvis, Elvis Presley and even Graceland are registered trademarks of Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. (EPE). None of that changes the fact that he is still buried in the back yard, right there next to his mama. (Back to top of page)

(020109) World Buddy
Time & Weather Ver. 2.0

Jonathan Hedley
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

World Buddy is useful for those occasions when figuring out the time someplace else is a challenge. Every time zone on Earth is listed, including those odd ones and those using Daylight Saving Time. Also included are weather reports for quite a few locations around the world. Both current conditions and those from the last day are reported. "What's the time, hey buddy, hey buddy-buddy-buddy-buddy-buddy". (Back to top of page)

(020110) New South Wales Fire Brigades

New South Wales Fire Brigades
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

What do Elvis, Georgia Peach, and Incredible Hulk have in common?

They are the Erickson Air-Crane Helitankers ( being used to combat the wildfires in New South Wales. Many of the fires, started by arsonists have been burning through the holidays. Representing and protecting fire districts throughout the state, the New South Wales Fire Brigades have been hard at work staying ahead of these fires. One of the biggest challenges of fighting these fires is that they will often travel under ground for great distances. A fire will be contained and within hours it has spread without any warning. Infra-red cameras are starting to be used to detect these fires. The New South Wales Fire Brigades site has all of the latest news and information on the individual fires along with sound advice for anyone in the path of the fires. If you have never experienced this type of natural occurrence/disaster, have a look at the New South Wales Fire Brigades site to perhaps gain a better understanding of how these fires affect people. Thanks to all of the Site du Jour of the Day readers in Australia who pointed out the Elvis connection (ELVIS is still #1 ( (SdJotD 020108)). Be careful. (Back to top of page)

(020111) Discovery of Insulin

Bob Banting
Oakville, Ontario, Canada

By certain accounts, it was eighty years ago today that Insulin was first administered to a human subject to control diabetes mellitus. The effects were immediately noticed, with patient Leonard Thompson showing signs of alertness and awareness. The discovery of Insulin in the summer of 1921 at the University of Toronto led to the subsequent treatment of millions of people. Discovery of Insulin looks at the events leading up to the discovery, and the individuals involved. In addition to unique historical content, pointers to additional resources make Discovery of Insulin and important site for anyone interested in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes. (Back to top of page)

(020112) Basic Egg Facts

American Egg Board
Park Ridge, Illinois, USA

Recently I was asked to help solve a conflict. It was argued that the color of a given chicken egg shell had more to do with the color of the bird the egg came from than it did with the diet of that same bird. As it happens, it's not the color of the feathers on the bird so much as it is the color of the earlobes on the bird that help to determine the color of the egg shell. It's a genetic thing.

This and other important egg information can be found at the Basic Egg Facts section of the site for the American Egg Board ( The American Egg Board is a trade organization, the purpose of which is, "To allow egg producers to fund and carry out proactive programs to increase markets for eggs, egg products and spent fowl products through promotion, research and education." That school for chickens must really be something! (Back to top of page)

(020113) The Easter Egg Archive:
Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more!

David and Annette Wolf
Redmond, Washington, USA

While on the subject of eggs (Basic Egg Facts ( (SdJotD 020112)), it would be a shame not to mention The Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more! Originally featured as Site du Jour of the Day on April 4, 1999 (SdJotD 990404), the site has been expanded beyond computers to include these additional subjects — Art, Books, Movies, Music, and Television. Here is the original review of The Easter Egg Archive: Hidden secrets in software, movies, music and more!

During the development process of almost any given computer program, tools and shortcuts are coded into the works for testing and the amusement of the team. Some of these "Easter Eggs" are never removed and even intentionally added to the latest build of the product before release. Production credits are quite common and in the case of games, cheat codes go undocumented and are leaked out or just found by people with way too much time on their hands.

The Easter Egg Archive was started in August 1995 as an exercise in HTML and CGI programming and has led to a site for people around the world to learn about and contribute new Eggs. The success of the archive led to publication of Easter Eggs: Software Surprises, a book detailing the history and culture of Easter Eggs. Eggs in IBM, Mac and UNIX programs are listed here in the following categories; Applications, Games, Operating Systems, Hardware and the ever-popular Other. A search feature, pointers to other sites and opportunity to rate and submit tips make The Easter Egg Archive more durable than other sites and sources simply listing these amusing goodies. (Back to top of page)

(020114) 1-800-555-TELL

Tellme Networks, Inc.
Palo Alto, California, USA

Information services that utilize a toll-free number to access are nothing new, telephone companies have been offering such services as a means to generate extra advertising revenue. 1-800-555-TELL allows registered users in the United States to access general and specialized information over the telephone, free. The thrilling part of 1-800-555-TELL are two specific features. Announcements allows users to leave a voice announcement accessible by anyone in the United States who has registered with 1-800-555-TELL. Ideal for clubs and groups, messages can even be added by those who have called in. The Extensions section lists hundreds of phone sites built by developers using the VoiceXML 2.0 based Tellme Studio ( What does this mean to regular folks? Imagine checking e-mail messages on a POP server by calling a toll-free number. Terry Weissman has written just such an Extension — register with Terry Weissman for voice-to-email ( ) Unfortunately, AOL and Hotmail users cannot yet do this. Other Extensions are available, none of the content is produced or monitored by Tellme Networks, Inc. so don't be surprised to see or hear something that has the potential to offend. 1-800-555-TELL is a cool service, even without the Extensions and other goodies even if it is only available in the United States. (Back to top of page)

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(020115) Collecting Telephone Books

Gwillim Law
Research Triangle, North Carolina, USA

What started out as a curiosity about the plainly printed covers on telephone directories turned into a major hobby. A 6th grade book report by Gwillim Law's brother Steven Law, Manhattan Telephone Directory (1960-1961) - Q (p. 1304) should have served as a final warning. It didn't. Some forty years later, the collecting is now going in reverse. The story is an interesting one, and the images worth looking at if for no other reason than nostalgia. (Back to top of page)

(020116) China Internet Information Center

China International Publishing Group
State Council Information Office
Beijing, China

All the news from China that's good enough to print, including information about the history, politics, economics, and culture of China, plus text of government position papers. An official government portal, the content here will usually reflect smartly on the government of China and her people. From time to time, the material comes across as pure propaganda but that is usually not the case. International news coverage tends to focus on the Pacific Rim which makes a certain degree of sense. The Opinion section contains an interesting look at the rest of the world from an official Chinese perspective. All of it, good enough to print. (Back to top of page)

(020117) New Beijing, Great Olympics
Official Website Of Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad

Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad
Beijing, China

The announcement was made in July 2001 that Beijing had finally won a bid to host the Olympic Games. Since that time, there has been much written and said about the issues surrounding the government of China and the Olympics. This official site of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad offers a great deal of information about preparations for the events which are still over six years away. (Back to top of page)

(020118) Curling.Com - Your Premiere Curling Directory!

Curling.Com Corp.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

With matches being played on 12 of the 16 Olympic competition days, Curling is going to be a relatively big deal at the 2002 Salt Lake City Winter Games. A big deal because of the possibility that the sport could be seen by its largest television audience to date. Curling.Com - Your Premiere Curling Directory! is more than just a directory. Original content and reports from the world of Curling added with pointers to related sites makes for a fine starting point. Canadian sites are galore, but other countries are fairly represented.

For those unfamiliar with Curling and even for those who know the game, be sure to visit Markus Sticker's excellent Curling Basics ( (SdJotD 010318) site. One of the nicest Introduction To… sites I have ever seen. (Back to top of page)

(020119) Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division

Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division
United States Environmental Assessment Center
Newark, Delaware, USA

Naturally occurring everywhere on Earth ranging from trace amounts to deposits miles in depth, Dihydrogen Monoxide can be extremely dangerous to human life if inhaled in large amounts. Hoping to raise public awareness, the Dihydrogen Monoxide Research Division of the United States Environmental Assessment Center has started this site. Full of information about Dihydrogen Monoxide, "…a colorless and odorless chemical compound, also referred to by some as Dihydrogen Oxide, Hydrogen Hydroxide, Hydronium Hydroxide, or simply Hydric acid." The content here is at times dry, but should be read by every person who comes in contact with Dihydrogen Monoxide. Visit the site to determine your own exposure risk, and to garner tips about avoiding the ill effects of Dihydrogen Monoxide. (Back to top of page)

(020120) Celebrity Sound Boards

Eric Bauman
Webster, New York, USA

Shortly after telephone answering machines became affordable, accessories for them hit the market. Having a celebrity or a celebrity imposter answer your telephone was good for a few laughs, even if it was only your answering machine pretending to be say, Don Rickles, John Wayne, or any one of over a dozen politicians. Ha ha, the joke was not to last.

It's back though, but in reverse. The fine art of the Prank Phone Call is almost a thing of the past, what with Caller ID and a host of other methods for calls to be immediately traced back to the point of origin. Up until recently it wasn't worth the effort. Then along comes a fancy bit of programming known as the Celebrity Sound Board. Short audio clips of the voices of celebrities are lifted from movie and television soundtracks and included in a panel display that plays a particular clip on command. It's fairly intuitive once you see it. The nature of the audio clips varies greatly. In many cases, the motion pictures the sounds came from have adult themes and contain strong language. Political correctness is the least of our worries with Celebrity Sound Boards. Eric Bauman has put together a fine collection of Celebrity Sound Boards and there is also a set of downloads of audio recordings of Celebrity Sound Boards being used in actual telephone conversations. From the sounds of it, many of these calls were pranks and that is illegal in most places. Listening to the recordings probably isn't illegal though. A better idea than calling random strangers or businesses to get a reaction out of the person who answers the phone is to turn the tables on telephone solicitors. When someone calls you and you think the timing is right, feel free to open a big can of Celebrity Sound Boards whoop-ass on 'em. Again, the language used may not be suitable for certain audiences. For international audiences who may not know about her, Ms. Cleo is a television infomercial psychic fronting a service whereby those in need pay several dollars a minute to talk on the telephone to a television infomercial psychic. It's not always Ms. Cleo. Call 1 from "Ms. Cleo" on the Celebrity Pranks page ( would be unfortunate on so many levels if it wasn't for the fact that it's so funny. (Back to top of page)

(020121) Phone Losers of America Prank Telephone Calls

Phone Losers of America
Alton, Illinois, USA

While on the subject of classic prank phone calls (Celebrity Sound Boards ( (SdJotD 020120)), it would shame not to feature at least part of the Phone Losers of America site ( Phone Losers of America Prank Telephone Calls page combines some of the best of the calls placed and recorded by Phone Losers of America with pointers to other sites offering streaming audio and downloads of prank phone calls. In most places this sort of behavior is against the law, the language used is often of an adult nature, and would certainly set a bad example for younger children. Mature adults may find some of these calls just silly, either at the Phone Losers of America Prank Telephone Calls page or other sites. Not all of these recordings will be funny to everyone, but there are a couple of brilliant pieces of comedy here. (Back to top of page)


For a wide selection of Music, Movies, and More

Lots of ewes for you to view

Michael and Linda Nieman
Barton Farm
Upper Siddington, England

More pictures of sheep in one place than you've probably ever seen. They are all pure-bred Hampshire Downs, hundreds of 'em — pictures and sheep! And the occasional dog too. (Back to top of page)

(020123) SheepGame

David Lewis
Atherstone, England

If you've ever felt the urge to herd sheep then here's your chance. Use your pointing device to drive the sheep, it's that simple. There are hours of fun to be had here, what with SheepGame, DogGame, and the ideal-for-the-office SpreadSheep. Stylistically similar to Electrotank :: Minigolf ( ) (SdJotD 010623), SheepGame is a fine amusement for all ages. (Back to top of page)

(020128) When to Replace your PC's CMOS Battery

Holly Henry-Pilkington, Inc.
New York, New York, USA

It was a part that set me back a mere $1.98, not too bad considering that was five days ago. My computer decided not to start, actually forgetting where and what it was. That was easy enough to fix, with that $1.98 battery. Then the operating system decided it was tired and would only boot in Safe Mode. Long story short, it was a mess and time for that every-so-often full system install. Then there was the issue with the virus detection installation software not being the right build to be able to update the detection engine and signatures. Version 4.0.3 is supported but version 4.0.0 is not. The update isn't available and while previous backups had virus updates, none had an engine update or signature file new enough to be of much more use or protection than the several year old version that was in the box. The latest version of a competing virus detection package was purchased so with any luck the availability of updates won't be an issue for a couple of years. That's basically the message of this episode of Site du Jour of the Day — if your machine is any more than say, two years old, you should look at this section of the Focus on PC Support ( Holly Henry-Pilkington details the purpose and methods of changing a Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor battery and avoiding a host of potential problems. Rethinking your method of system and data backup is a good idea too because no matter how sound your current solution is there is always the possibility that under certain conditions, you'll be down the better part of a week. (Back to top of page)

(020129) Spychecker

Marco Gransee
Marathon, Florida, USA

The process of restoring the operating system on my computer included some housekeeping. Running a partitioned hard drive allows for the operating system to reside on a relatively small C: drive, small enough to be recorded to a Compact Disc without the use of any compression utility. This puts data and applications on a larger section of the partitioned drive but also requires reinstalling applications to satisfy the requirements of the operating system and getting everything to work together again. With no record of certain programs and utilities left on the system disk it was nice to carefully and without any guessing remove components of no longer needed programs, stuff that I shouldn't have installed in the first place. This is nothing to do casually — using the uninstall feature of a program or operating system is the way to go. Actually, avoiding garbage is the very best way. Spyware or Adware is a special flavor of installation that many users have discovered to cause more trouble than needed. Spychecker is a database of such programs, check with Spychecker before loading up that fancy new thang all the cool kids are using. Read the publisher's privacy statement and make an educated guess on whether or not to install. The biggest concern is in that these programs will often harvest and share your precious personal information. Someone has to pay for everything, no? The free Spychecker service also includes pointers to related sites and utilities to download and clean up a computer. Before downloading another appliance or utility have a look see. And if you haven't done so yet, get over to ZoneAlarm ( (SdJotD 001122) and get started with their personal firewall software. A free for personal use tool that will keep the meanies from getting in — or in some cases reaching out. (Back to top of page)

(020130) The Women Who Were Spies

Barbara A. Wilson
St. Augustine, Florida, USA

Part of Barbara A. Wilson's extensive American Women in Uniform, Veterans Too! (, The Women Who Were Spies takes a look at the women who have been considered spies by paranoid government and military leaders, popular culture, and other spies. Visitors will find short biographies for such notables as Marlene Dietrich, Princess Noor-un-nisa Inayat Khan, Edith Cavell, and "355". Pointers to additional information sources help out here. The remainder of The Women Who Were Spies is also worth looking at. (Back to top of page)

(020131) Igloo Builders Guide
Igloo - how to build one

Geir Drange and Ronny Finnema
Asker, Norway

If you've ever attempted to construct an igloo you probably recognized fairly early into the project that it's all a little bit harder than it looks in cartoons. Igloo Builders Guide - Igloo - how to build one is a set of instructions complete with photographs and from people who actually make igloos. They almost make building an igloo look like it would be fun — if it wasn't for all of that snow stuff. (Back to top of page)

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