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(021007) Google News

Google Inc.
Mountain View, California, USA

There seems to be a general trend to eliminate objectivity when it comes to reporting the news, at least locally. Gaining an unbiased report of developments and events during the day has become a difficult task. One outlet will show a slant in one direction, all the while completely ignoring what could be an equally or more important story. Alas, as Ben Franklin is credited as saying "Freedom of the press belongs to those who own one".

As a possible solution to the news with blinders on approach, the folks at ( ) (SdJotD 990408). In addition to being the current champion search engine, Google lets the machines harvest news stores from a pool of 4,000 sources and updates are made on an almost live basis. When a search turns up multiple versions of the same story, all are displayed. Again, no humans to taint things. Sometimes a story is misplaced but there will be a degree of logic involved — and possibly a bit of humor along with the error. Still in Beta test mode, there are bound to be additional news sources added and functionality included. News from around the world, searchable and with any luck, untainted. (Back to top of page)

(021014) Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links

Creepy Steve
Rochester, New York, USA

The name Creepy Steve may have a familiar ring to it for Site du Jour of the Day readers who enjoyed Humor in the News By Creepy Steve ( (SdJotD 010621) back in June 2001. Humor in the News By Creepy Steve isn't as active a project as it once was, but it still works. Instead of focusing on Humor in the News By Creepy Steve, Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links would seem to be the object of Creepy Steve's time these days. Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links is a Weblog that explores general interest topics and sites along with other things that give Creepy Steve a thrill. Those things include photography, popular culture, computers, and as the title proudly exclaims — Hot Girls and Cold Beer. In reality, the girls and women are hot in the context that they have had recent media attention although some are pretty darn foxy at times.

Creepy Steve doesn't turn up all of this by himself, a featured Site du Jour of the Day has been known to show up occasionally but that is part of the charm. For the most part, credit is given where it is due, that makes for a nice launching point. If you like what Creepy Steve has opted to reprint, you'll probably dig the original publication and the pointers to those sites are provided. The majority of what is at Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links has been turned up by Creepy Steve and that is nice. One of the few sites I visit several times a week, Off On A Tangent: Hot Girls, Cold Beer, Fresh Links could become a favorite for you. Don't let the promise of Hot Girls or Cold Beer scare you off. (Back to top of page)

(021021) Voice of America

Voice of America
International Broadcasting Bureau
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Voice of America is a part of the United States Government that most Americans have heard of. Oddly enough though, most Americans have never actually heard the Voice of America. Because of legislation, Section 501 of the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948, Voice of America is prohibited from broadcasting into the United States. Voice of America programming is broadcast around the world on shortwave, AM and FM bands along with satellite television. In addition to localized broadcasts, programming is also available over the Internet as streaming audio in over fifty languages and video in a dozen language versions.

Celebrating sixty years on the air, Voice of America has served a number of purposes since the original German language broadcast in February 1942. Part news report, with a definite slant toward propaganda. Voice of America has at times not been the most pure news available but often enough it has been the most accurate news source available for a specific region. (Back to top of page)

(021028) The Wizard of Odds

Shackleford Consulting, Inc.
Las Vegas, Nevada, USA


Ken White's Coin Flipping Page

Ken White
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Chances are good that you have made a wager at least once in your life. For many people, taking a risk on the outcome of an game or sporting match has become a method of earning a living. For others, the act of gambling is part of a larger picture. A vacation to a casino town or a weekly ticket in a lottery perhaps. The most important factor in all of this and the one that seems to be the least understood is the degree of risk one is willing to take. Games of chance are often just that, a series of seemingly random actions and an outcome either in favor of the individual running the game or the individual playing the game. More often than not, it's the individual running the game.

That brings us to The Wizard of Odds site. While there are routes to actual gambling available, the tutorials on dozens of games and types of betting are fairly complete and well written. The Java Games are a fine addition and the The Wizard of Odds is also a unicyclist.

Ken White's Coin Flipping Page is exactly how it sounds — flip dimes or pennies to see which side or sides are up. It's a classic exercise in probability and with just a little creativity, a new betting game for two or more players. You'll have to figure that all out. (Back to top of page)


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