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For a wide selection of Music, Movies, and More

(021107) Future Forests

Future Forests Ltd.
London, England

Future Forests is battling carbon emissions from industry, transportation, heating and cooling, and a smattering of other sources. The battle is being waged using a weapon called Carbon Neutral. By doing something as basic as planting a couple of trees to pull carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, most of us can expect to make up for the damage we are causing. The release of countless tons of carbon and pollutants into the air every day can now be reversed in a way. Kind of like having a sort of environmental Get Out of Jail Free card. Future Forests, for a donation, will plant a tree or a whole grove in your name if you cough up enough cash.

There are a few interesting programs detailed at Future Forests, the popular music tie-in is pretty clever. By planting trees enough to absorb and offset the amount of carbon expelled as a result of the recording, replication and distribution of a new Compact Disc. Members of a musical act subsequently stand out as good citizens, fans get involved with them along the way, and trees in general make people happy. Friendly trees do anyway. Based in England, Future Forests has trees being planted around the world and most of these trees are guaranteed protection for the next forty years. Similar to the work being done here in the United States by The National Arbor Day Foundation ( (SdJotD 010304), the folks at Future Forests Ltd. seem to be pretty serious about the subject and it would seem, are doing a wonderful job. Be sure to see what an impact you are having on the environment by working through a couple of questions with the carbon calculator. (Back to top of page)

(021114) General Bottle Supply

General Bottle Supply Co., Inc.
Los Angeles, California, USA

Primarily a wholesale outfit, this site for the General Bottle Supply offers up an education of sorts for the curious. If you have ever searched for a specific style glass or plastic container without result, this electronic catalog could be the answer. Industrial containers, dispenser tops, beer bottles, you name it. An ordering feature is currently not available at the site even though it looks like the whole product line is displayed. To place an order, a telephone call to Los Angeles is necessary.

Hundreds of containers in all shapes and sizes are available by the case, the boat-load and all points in between. Again, this is a wholesale firm but it's possible that your local craft store is looking for a source of such things — and here you come to the rescue. Boston Rounds, Industrial F Style Containers and Phenolic Ribbed Caps are just a few of the items one will find at General Bottle Supply. (Back to top of page)

(021121) Hot Deals Club

Website Network
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

The retail terms for the practice are Loss Leader or Door Buster, depending on the profit motive. Either way, the technique is used to sell an item at close to, or at less than cost just to get you in the door. Once in the store or at the site, you will feel so thrilled to get something for next to nothing that you'll abandon all common sense and start spending money like it's going out of style. Watching the sale flyers in the newspaper is one way to keep track of specials and deals at your local store, but rounding up deals at various merchant sites has traditionally meant visiting your favorites on an almost constant basis. Sometimes it happens by just plain getting lucky.

Hot Deals Club is taking some of the necessary luck out of the mix. Suggested by Site Scout Reddog, Hot Deals Club regularly lists mighty fine deals and is certainly worth a look. The no cost version has deals that go beyond the now fairly pedestrian Free Shipping — visitors will find pointers to well known retail sites offering special bargains. Office supply stores, toy stores, and mass merchandisers are just a few of the flavors. Also available by subscription at a reasonable fee, Hot Deals Club is user fed, the deals can come from anywhere around the world. Probably best described as a sale watchers cooperative, Hot Deals Club doesn't rely on Affiliate Accounts like so many other similar sites. Instead, the funding comes from annual subscriptions to the expanded list. Even without the additional information, Hot Deals Club is quite handy. Especially as the glorious end of the year gift-giving flurry falls on us.

As always, the retail sites featured at Hot Deals Club nor Hot Deals Club itself are affiliated with, or directly endorsed by Site du Jour of the Day. As with any purchase, use your best judgement when ordering or responding to an offer. If an offer seems too good to be true it usually is. That's just the way things go. Bring a jacket with you just in case it gets cold later, and never ever stand on the deep-fat fryer to clean the hood. (Back to top of page)

(021128) The Criterion Collection

Voyager Publishing Company, Inc.
New York, New York, USA

For serious fans of cinema, DVDs have made a big difference in the quality of home video releases. Added audio channels, bonus material and a host of extra features found on DVD treatments has returned a lot of the value and satisfaction of buying a movie. The Criterion Collection takes that quality a couple of steps higher — films from around the world preserved and in some cases treated with more care than originally afforded the title at the time of big screen release. Utilizing the best prints available for digital transfer is just one thing learned in the nearly fifteen years since the Voyager Publishing Company, Inc. started The Criterion Collection.

The Criterion Collection site acts more or less as a catalog of titles available through traditional retailers to movie buffs in North America. Licensing restrictions limit where a title can be sold or viewed, but as the number of titles in the collection increases so too does the chance that distribution will spread to other parts of the world.

A small sample of the films in The Criterion Collection:

And God Created Woman
Do the Right Thing
Nanook of the North
Time Bandits

Even though titles in The Criterion Collection can cost a bit more than standard DVDs and video tape, the extras make it worth the difference. Everyone should have at least one DVD from The Criterion Collection in their collection. With the holidays fast approaching, this might just be the thing. (Back to top of page)


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