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(021207) The Library of Congress: American Memory: Today in History

American Memory from the Library of Congress
The Library of Congress
Washington, District of Columbia, USA

Combine the 7 million digital items in the collection at American Memory from the Library of Congress ( (SdJotD 971018) with the 365 days of the year and you end up with a nice history lesson. The quality and size of the collection makes for one of the best On This Day sites anywhere. Limited for the most part to events which occurred in North America but some things are from other places around the world. For the uninitiated, this might just be the best way to start using the American Memory from the Library of Congress. (Back to top of page)

(021214) The Wooden Periodic Table Table

Theodore Gray
Champaign, Illinois, USA

As advertised, The Wooden Periodic Table Table is a wood table version of the periodic table. Too cool for a science center or museum, and we certainly wouldn't want the kids sucking on the actual specimens stored and displayed in The Wooden Periodic Table Table. Not all of the elements are represented in sample form. Not yet anyway and that's how visitors can help out — you can donate a needed hunka something. A great idea and an entertaining site.

For more Periodic Tables check out WebElements - The Periodic Table on the WWW ( (SdJotD 981027) from the Department of Chemistry at the University of Sheffield, England and Maggie Schold's Periodic Table of Poetry ( (SdJotD 021213) at superdeluxe ( (Back to top of page)

(021221) Pampering Your Poinsettia

Susan Ward
British Columbia, Canada

Garden Guides
Burlington, North Carolina, USA

A holiday tradition, Poinsettias can indeed be grown throughout the year with enough care. Native to parts of Mexico and Central America, the plants can do well out of doors almost anywhere provided enough light and proper temperatures. Pampering Your Poinsettia by Susan Ward is a page at Garden Guides ( that explores the joy of Poinsettias. Susan Ward also maintains Gardening in B.C. ( where there are additional articles of this nature. (Back to top of page)

(021228) Lowe's How-To Library

Lowe's Companies, Inc.
Wilkesboro, North Carolina, USA

In the new year I plan on building a pergola. Actually completing the task will be that much easier thanks to the information at the Lowe's How-To Library. Even if the materials are purchased at a competitor, Lowe's Companies, Inc. offers up detailed instructions on everything from building a doghouse to well, building a pergola. The idea is to sell us tools and other stuff to complete these projects — not completely unexpected from a firm that operates Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse stores throughout the United States. While the information provided at the Lowe's How-To Library is rich in content, it's not meant to replace the advice and expertise of a trained professional. This is do it yourself stuff, follow the suggestions, be careful and most of all, enjoy the satisfaction of completing your project.

Now I need to find a source of information on recycled plastic lumber… (Back to top of page)


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