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(970301) Alton Museum of History and Art

Alton Museum of History and Art
Alton, Illinois, USA

Located on the campus of Southern Illinois University School of Dental Medicine The Alton Museum of History and Art seems to be of typical size for a small town museum. At least that's what one would think. However, Alton was the birthplace of Robert Pershing Wadlow, who at his tallest stood 8' 11.1" and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest person in recorded history. The museum and this site have photographs and biographical information pertaining to Wadlow, making it probably the best single source of such data. If you have looked at the Guinness Book of Records (ever) it is likely that you are aware of Robert Pershing Wadlow's historical stature but you may not be aware of the man. Set aside a few minutes to look at this site, it is very well done.

Also in the museum is an exhibit about a local cliff painting named The Piasa Bird. Legend surrounding it can be traced back to 1673 but goes back to the Illini Indians who named it "The Piasa" or bird that devours men. Aboriginal legends such as this from the middle of North America have all but vanished, so the preservation and passing on of such legends is always worth the time.  (Back to top of page)

(970302) Your Curly Little Buddy, the Apostrophe

I was working with a client a few weeks back and according to this gentleman there was an apostrophe missing in the work recently completed for him. He became somewhat rude when I tried to explain to him that he was mistaken. At the point that he asked me what language I was speaking and I replied "American English of course" and then I was the one being rude. At least from a customer service standpoint I was being rude. From the viewpoint of a person who works with the written language every day it seemed my duty to defend the language and perhaps redefine how this gentleman used the apostrophe.

A while back I received a newspaper clipping detailing a campaign under way in Australia. It was more of a public service announcement than anything, and its hero was Mister Apostrophe. He was defending the often abused punctuation mark and if I could find a web site with further information it would be the Site du Jour of the Day, but in the mean time this is the site. Not only does this site tackle the apostrophe, but it does a nice job with the comma and spelling in general. The URL listed is for the apostrophe page but jump to the other pages while visiting.  (Back to top of page)

(970303) Brazil On Line (English) (Português)

Brazil On Line Publishing
Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Brazil has always seemed to me as one of those "exotic" locations. It might be due to the influence Brazilian popular music had on popular music in the US during the '30s and '40s, romanticizing the mental image we have of that period by adding another chapter to the melting pot of our society. It could even be something as simple as being one of the few places in the world where Portuguese is the official language.

Brazil On Line had my attention for nearly two hours with its links and related pages. While not having to venture far from the top page you will find so much information on the culture of Brazil that return visits to this site will be necessary. Topics covered include music, and interviews with people involved with the music in Brazil, articles about "real life," domestic and international business subjects, visual arts, and a monthly list of links to other Brazilian sites that are very good.

One topic that is missing is environmental issues, but based on the top notch content provided about popular culture the developer would probably handle the subject with fairness. Interestingly enough the subject of human rights is well handled here and through linked sites. So based on that, should they decide to put up information about environmental issues this site would live up to its claim as "Your connection to the best of Brazil" even if some of the best isn't all that nice to see.  (Back to top of page)

(970304) Typewriter Collectors Web Site

Anthony Casillo
Garden City South., New York, USA

Nearly all of us have used a typewriter at least once in our lives. It might have been an electric model or could have been a vintage Underwood that was in grandpa's basement. Oh, the joy of pressing those keys so fast that you ended up getting the letters stuck together. The fear you experienced knowing that grandpa could come zipping down the stairs at any minute (sure) to catch you. You also knew that somewhere in that spooky place the old man kept his poiuy, and that he wasn't afraid to use it on you.

Should these memories still haunt you, stay away from this site and rest assured that the reason the machine was in the basement had to do more with it not working with grandpas fingers anymore than the fact that he liked to scare his kin. On the other hand if you are interested in mechanical devices visit Mr. Casillo's electronic shrine to an all but forgotten staple of communication.

As typewriters become more of a collectors item this kind of site will not seem as strange, but the typewriter sites coming may not share the same honest passion as that found here. The graphics are well scanned, and the history provided here without the images would work but experience them together. You may even be able to get repair information or an offer to buy that old Underwood that grandpa gave you, regardless of the fact that the keys stick.  (Back to top of page)

(970305) Cameras, Cameras, and more Cameras!

Steve Levin (and a cast of thousands)

This is a page with over fifty links to sites that share at least one thing in common. They all have a camera that will send a picture of whatever that camera is aimed at (there are even some that you can aim) and send it at intervals regular enough to see who is working, moving by, eating, or in the case of the oldest cam, who is taking the last cup of joe. These individual sites are spread apart, so at any given time you are bound to see daylight "live" somewhere on Earth. Reading that a file originated somewhere is one thing, but actually seeing a picture that you "take" makes the world a smaller place.

A big Site du Jour of the Day "Thank you kindly" goes out to Mr. Levin for maintaining and updating this page.

Make this an A-1 bookmark because you will be back.   (Back to top of page)

(970306) The Proposal of Saúde e Alegria (Health and Happiness Proposal) (English) (Português)


NOTICIAS DA AMAZONIA - Links (Português)

Brazil On Line Publishing
Sherman Oaks, California, USA

I received a very nice message from the folks at Brazil Online with additional information about their site (Site du Jour of the Day - 970303). In the message they mentioned that work is in progress for ecological sites and that they would have more information about the Amazon available soon. Because of this courteous reply and additional information sent along they have been selected again.

Listed first are the URLs to The Projeto Saúde e Alegria site. The project was started in 1987 to help the residents of seventeen communities on the shores of three Brazilian rivers deal with development and conservation issues, and to preserve the cultures that may otherwise be lost.

The second URL, NOTICIAS DA AMAZONIA acts as a listing of regulations either proposed or in place pertaining to the Amazon.

The third URL is the page at the NOTICIAS DA AMAZONIA site containing links to environmental groups in Brazil and elsewhere.

Once again, I urge you visit the sites at Brazil Online ( and would also like to thank them for passing this information along.   (Back to top of page)

(970307) The Universal Currency Converter (TM)

El Convertidor Universal de Moneda (Español/Spanish)


Xenon Laboratories Incorporated
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Here is a little experiment for you to try the next time you have a browser open and are looking for something interesting on the Internet. Connect to your favorite search engine and look for your home town. Odds are that a good half of the sites you find will have to do with real estate sales. There are zillions of these sites out there and are proof positive that the one-time exclusive tool for education and research is giving way to commercial development. You can purchase compact discs, books, computer programs and even buy flowers. The issue of secure transactions is fodder for a week's worth of Site du Jour of the Day, but here is a more important thought: What is this item going to really cost me?

Say for example something costs a million and a half dollars to create. While that may seem like a lot of money to you, consider the fact that several countries use the almighty dollar as a base currency. What seems like a good deal in the United States might be an absolute bargain in Canada after currency conversion even though the price tag in both places is that 1.5 million.

The Universal Currency Converter (TM) is the place to turn for casual research for such complex calculations. At this site you will be able to get exchange rates for most world curencies and the data used seems to be updated on a timely basis. Rates change at the drop of a hat, so the information aquired here may not be 100 percent accurate, but will be very close. The interface used is simple, the site loads quickly, and the best part is that the service is postcard ware. If you use it, all they ask is that you send them a postcard. After you have figured out what your annual salery would be if converted to pesos, take a few minutes to look at the postcard gallery. The gallery alone would qualify The Universal Currency Converter (TM) as a Site du Jour of the Day.   (Back to top of page)

(970308) The Wordserver
(See special note for e-mail access)

Wordsmith Organization
Cleveland, Ohio, USA

This compact site deals with words in the English language, broken down into basically three parts. The first, A.Word.A.Day is an excellent tool for vocabulary building where you will find a different word every day along with the definition and pronunciation of that word.

The second part is my favorite, called I, Rearrangement Servant -or- Internet Anagram Server. In providing a list of possible anagrams from your input, it might just send you into a fit of laughter should you get lucky (Warning - try a short word/string first!). Look at the Anagram Hall of Fame to see if you haven't found a new classic before you leave.

The third is The Wordserver, which provides an electronic dictionary, a tool for finding acronyms and even one of them things that helps you find different words with the same meaning.

Special Note:

These services are available via e-mail should that be the only means by which you access the Internet. To receive a complete list of services available send a message with a blank subject line to: ( to top of page)

(970309) The Original Tick Homepage

Gavin Suntop

"The Fourth Dimension is just one big crazy
do not enter clambake jungle of weirdity --
and how does it work? Never mind!"

-The Tick

Ben Edlund created one of the most entertaining superheroes ever a little over ten years ago with The Tick. The Tick and his sidekick Arthur (an accountant in a moth suit) have been fighting for justice in comic books and can currently be seen on cable's Comedy Central ( as an animated cartoon five nights a week. If you have never seen or heard of The Tick, the best I can do to describe him is to have you picture a sort of anti-superhero with the same brand of dumb luck and support staff working for him that has helped Inspector Gadget survive. Add to that a booming, deep voice that spews out profound, if not downright odd things that have filtered through his thick skull. Simply(?) put, The Tick could be the grandson of Jay Ward's Bullwinkle with the generation in the middle tainted by an artificial insemination experiment gone bad involving Adam West's Batman.

This site has character descriptions, a Frequently Asked Questions file, sound clips and a Tick news page. Though the information contained here is in need of an update it should be all you need to learn something (extra) about The Tick.  (Back to top of page)

(970310) The One-Room School Homepage

Mae Beringer

During the past few days I have been trying to remember back to elementary school. While this isn't such a difficult time to recall, certain key elements are. What I was trying to remember was the name of a person. Not a person I had met, but a person of historical significance long dead by the time I was five or six years old. Disqualified were religious figures and fictional characters because such stories were usually told to us before we had any concept of history. It must have been a person who up to that point I had never heard of, someone whose story switched on an interest in history. It wasn't an American President, that I was sure of. They were long dead adults, nothing but pictures, names and boring stories of things a child has little use for.

Off and on for three days I tried to figure this out. Then it dawned on me -- it was Johnny Appleseed!

I was able to remember the feeling that washed over me the day I first learned of him. How amazing it was to learn about a person who did something I could relate to in spite of his being long dead. It was the fact that he walked around bare foot planting apple trees. I had never dreamed of such a thing. Here was this person, far away from home doing nothing but putting apple seeds into the ground to make more apple trees. It made perfect sense to me, in school we had planted pumpkin seeds in half pint milk cartons. The concept of seed to plant was well established, I could relate to this. History came to life for me that day and for weeks I was probably eating more apples than should have been allowed.

Fantastic, mystery solved. But that's when it all went bad. For the life of me I couldn't remember ever actually learning much more than that about Johnny Appleseed. As it happened, there were apples in the refrigerator so I grabbed one and sat down to learn more about this man.

What I found was very interesting (you'll have to look on your own). Where it was found is even more interesting, and even somewhat ironic -- the Caldwell School in northwestern Pennsylvania. The person providing the information I was after is probably the most interesting of all. It was Aunt Mae. Aunt Mae has put quite a bit of thought and effort into preserving the lore and this one-room school house near Mercer, Pennsylvania.

More of a living museum than anything else the Caldwell School and The One-Room School Homepage help to keep a way of life all but vanished in the United States alive. Mae Beringer and the grandson of her brother Fred have done a fine job with this site. Visit to learn more about Johnny Appleseed, to find links to other one-room schools and most of all, to get a first hand account of something we often joke about. People really did have to walk miles through the snow just to get to school -- it was a way of life.  (Back to top of page)

(970311) PhoneSpell -- What does your phone number spell?

Jeremy Grodberg

In the early days of commercial telephone service you could only call people on the system you were wired to. You had to crank up the box in the kitchen or hall of the apartment building and ask the operator to connect your call. As the technology improved and longer cables connected towns and cities together, that same operator could connect your call to the operator in Springfield, who would then ring up Abe at his home. Odds are that every home on that party line picked up also. Once the connection was established and the individuals who were supposed to be talking were the only people on the line you could shout into the phone at each other over the static. You needed to be quick and often had to speak in codes so the enemy didn't know what you were talking about if they happened to pick up the phone. That mental image of Mr. Douglas out at Green Acres climbing the pole to place a call is only funny because it's true.

When better switching equipment came along people were assigned telephone numbers and area codes. The exchanges used were determined more often than not by city names or geographic features and even road names. To call Abe you would now dial SPR(ingfield)-1234 (or 777-1234). Mr. Douglas could be reached at PCJ-9876 (or 725-9876). Certain numbers were reserved for area codes (also known a city codes). Letters and words helped people get used to and remember the numbers they were dialing. It was discovered that you could use words other than those used for specific exchanges and many business owners soon utilized this new marketing tool. It eventually gained popularity to the point of words being used up in a given market, so the phone companies began to discourage the use of letters altogether.

Today's voice mail systems would be lost without those letters on the touch tone buttons so it looks like they are here to stay. Even the odd letters out (Q and Z) are starting to make appearances on new phones because of such systems. PhoneSpell can help you to determine what your existing phone number spells, and can even be used to enter a word to find a new number. You can then check with the phone company to see what numbers are available.

A friend of mine was trying out a shareware program that did the same thing and we ran my home number through it. From that point on, whenever I use the word version of my number I rarely need to tell a person again.

PhoneSpell is a Service Mark of Jeremy Grodberg and if you use this site often enough be sure to send him a donation because it really is worth the time you save trying to make words from the phone.  (Back to top of page)

(970312) breWorld Home Page

There's not much more I can say about breWorld other than it is Europe's largest Internet site for the brewing industry with pages detailing breweries large and small. If you like beer it's a must see.  (Back to top of page)

(970313) The Scottish Tiddlywinks Association

(maintained by Ben Soares)

The game has changed since we were kids and these folks take it very seriously. After all, it's probably a whole lot easier on the back than throwing around telephone poles.  (Back to top of page)

(970314) Floaty Industries

Burbank, California, USA

A successful novelty item is one that requires no instructions to use, can be used by people of all ages, and is inexpensive. A mainstay of the novelty business is the Floaty Pen. You know the item, the pen with the photograph of a man or woman and the swimsuit that falls away when you tilt the barrel. School teachers everywhere must have extensive collections of these things. There are lots of tamer versions of the Floaty Pen, usually sold at tourist traps as souvenirs, or custom made to promote a product or service, but none as popular as the stripper pen.

This site is maintained by the manufacturer of those pens, and the emphasis is on new product designs and not the stripper. Missing however is historical information about the company and product, but even without it you should be very well entertained. Enter a running contest that allows you the chance to design and win a prototype pen, read what others have to say about their fascination with this timeless item and even ask the Oracle Floaty Pen a question or two.  (Back to top of page)

(970315) Select Seeds Antique Flowers

Union, Connecticut, USA

With the Spring growing season fast approaching in North America, retailers will start to place their seed displays. On these displays you will find hearty, disease-proof seed stock that can grow to become radishes as big as softballs and flowers so large and colorful that you'd be tempted to make hats for the dog. Genetic engineering is a wonderful thing. Millions of dollars are spent every year to develop this stuff and the competition is so rough that patents are granted to protect new varieties. In every catalog you will read claims of flowers being "picture perfect" and "produces bushel baskets full". That's great if you are taking photographs of your garden or want enough vegetables to feed the whole town. What if you want flowers that are more fragrant than photogenic? You can try your luck with modern species or you can plant that which our grandparents did.

Heirloom flowers could be the answer. Select Seeds has been searching the world for neglected gardens and flower beds that have "gone wild". What they find are classic and valuable varieties that have self-seeded year after year and remain almost identical to the flowers originally planted at those places. Offered for sale through this site (and the mail order catalog) are many of these "living antiques" as well as ecologically sound gardening supplies at competitive prices. If you are just starting to garden, or are looking for something "new" this year, consider visiting this site first.  (Back to top of page)

(970316) Sky & Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin

Sky & Telescope Magazine

Sky & Telescope Boletín Semanal de Noticias (borrador) (Spanish)

Sky & Telescope Notiziario settimanale (Italian)

Boletim semanal de Sky & Telescope (Portugese)

Sky & Telescope's Wöchentliches Nachrichten-Bulletin (German)

Sky Publishing Corporation, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

Related Site for the Southern Hemisphere:

Sky Watcher's Page

Astronomical Society of South Australia Inc.
Adelaide, SA, Australia

It has been said that the average man or woman will see only a few of comets in their lifetime. The past ten years have been rich with comets visible with nothing more than the naked eye. Currently, comet Hale-Bopp is delighting those who are able to see it in the Northern Hemisphere and can be seen until the end of March 1997 an hour and a half before dawn. Starting on the 16th of March it will also be visible after sunset for an hour and a half. During April of 1997 it will show in the Southern Hemisphere and is most likely the last comet we see of notable magnitude for thirty years. That is unless somebody discovers a new one in that time.

Sky & Telescope's Weekly News Bulletin has clear concise coverage and sky maps of this and other events and is part of a larger extremely well done site. All kinds of things are listed here; planetary locations, meteor activity, etc. plus an extensive list of related professional and amateur astronomy/space links.

The Astronomical Society of South Australia's Sky Watcher's Page is also of interest to those of us who have never experienced the heavens in that part of the world. It too is well done and also contains numerous links and event listings.

Regardless of where you are there is always something interesting in the night sky. On occasion that something is an object that you may never see again.  (Back to top of page)

(970317) Sinn Féin Home Page

Sinn Féin
Dublin, Ireland

It was Saint Patrick's Day today. During this 48 hour period anybody with even a drop of Irish heritage has been reminded of it. Some are so proud of being "Irish" that they dress in green clothing, some drink massive quanities of beer laced with green food coloring or try a Guinness Stout for the first time. Parades are held, rivers are dyed green, heck, this is more fun than last year isn't it?

Quite a few sites share the spirit and celebration of the day and the country of Ireland. These include a virtual Blarney Stone (do you have any idea how much static electricity is coming off of your monitor?), a virtual pub and biographical information about the famous Saint, any of which could have made a nice SdJotD. Sinn Féin's Home Page is suggested instead.

Sinn Féin is a political party. The first in Ireland to establish a presence on the world wide web and for that reason, selected as SdJotD. The information presented at this site is only one part of a much larger picture involving many parties and ideas. It is a good place to start if you would like to learn about a political situation that goes back to the time of the American and French Revolutions. Links will take you to sites sharing both similar and opposing positions. Positions that will remain long after the green beer is gone.  (Back to top of page)

(970318) POLLSTAR - The Concert Hotwire


This site has long been a favorite. It allows access to an extensive database of tour schedules for over 1,700 acts, providing basic information for 23,000 events. Search by artist, venue or city (and surrounding areas). The listings here are primarily for the United States and Canada, although European dates are starting to show up. Other pages attached to this contain gossip, top grossing tours and links to additional music related sites. PollStar is a trade magazine for the touring industry, similar to Billboard and Cashbox so the information is usually as fresh as it gets.  (Back to top of page)

(970319) - Fire Trucks - Fire Apparatus

During an interview with David Letterman, Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) once said that as a kid he wanted to be a fire truck. He didn't want to be a fire fighter, he wanted to be a fire truck. Letterman just looked at him like he was completely out of his mind. One can only guess what kind of fire truck Groening wanted to be.

The fire truck is probably the single most important tool used by the men and women of the fire service industry. As a transportation device it isn't all that practical, but when you take into account the many different tools used to fight a fire and save lives on such vehicles the overall value becomes evident. Is an online magazine for the fire service industry, specializing in fire trucks and other heavy equipment. If you have ever wondered how these trucks work or who makes them you should have a look. The graphics are a little slow loading and a text only version would certainly speed things up, but the articles and links are well worth the wait.

I'd hazard a guess and say that Matt didn't want to be a fire truck at all. He wanted to be a fire boat.  (Back to top of page)

(970320) MapBlast!

Vicinity Corporation
Palo Alto, California, USA

If you have ever tried to give someone directions, wishing they had a map to work with MapBlast! is for you. Enter almost any street address in the United States (coming soon to Europe) and a custom map will be generated. Ten levels of zoom are available for that map, and you can e-mail it to someone directly from this site. You can also generate a version for a web page and incorporate it into your own site. The usefulness of this site doesn't stop there. Detailed driving instructions from point A to point B (within 100 miles of each other) can also be had.

How do they do this? By selling advertisements to businesses. Vicinity Corporation publishes Yellow Pages telephone directories and maps so expect to see commercial locations in the area surrounding the address you enter.

The advertisements aren't so bad, and that Piggly Wiggly store up the street makes a fine landmark.  (Back to top of page)

(970321) Reflections of a Budget Audiophile

Christopher Argiropoulos
New York, New York, USA

If you have purchased a computer recently you know how difficult it can be to get the most for your money, especially if it was your first such shopping experience. When that twenty year old console stereo system finally gives up be prepared for an even bigger surprise.

The world of high fidelity audio components has changed drastically in recent years. I was personally amazed by the features available when a ten year old receiver needed to be replaced last year. Miniaturization and video integration are the two most noticeable changes followed by the Compact Disc and other digital formats.

Mr. Argiropoulos has also been through this and has written a very helpful introduction / buyers guide that anyone about to purchase audio components should read. The site is all text with the exception of a small logo, and the complete text version of Reflections of a Budget Audiophile is available as a download. The advice offered here is sound and easy to understand. The purchase of audio gear is a matter of individual taste, and one of the things that stood out at this site is the encouragement to trust your own ears. Highly recommended.  (Back to top of page)

(970322) The Raleigh Ringers Home Page

The Raleigh Ringers, Inc.
Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

The Raleigh Ringers are trying to bring the music and art of handbell ringing to as many people as possible, through workshops, performances and this site.

The site has several pages containing information about the choir and its history, tour schedules, a scrap book with photographs from performances and articles about The Raleigh Ringers.

Not to be missed here are samples from the two CDs they have released. Traditional works for handbell are available for download, but be sure to visit this site when you have time to enjoy treatments of such popular classics as Bohemian Rhapsody, Dream On, Hotel California and the tasteful arrangement of Stairway to Heaven.

Don't dismiss this site as a dog -- it could very well mean your salivation.  (Back to top of page)

(970323) Job Profiles

In Their Own Words
Modesto, California, USA

Job Profiles is a new site and is quite raw. Considering that the content is aimed at high school students entering the workforce, it is mildly appropriate. Not a job search, not a recruiting service, but plain talk from various professionals in all walks of life describing how and why they are making a living the way they do.

Different fields are listed along with the trades and professions within these groups. All in the words of people who have answered a short questionnaire about things like education and training, duties and responsibilities and even topics that make a particular line of work challenging. Although the data is ported directly from the input files, it is still interesting. HTML coding would make it all easier to read, but this site is new and that may happen.

Take a little time and contribute your ideas and experience if helping kids get started is an interest.  (Back to top of page)

(970324) Lol Creme Digital Art

Lolster, Inc.
Los Angeles, California, USA

Probably best known by name for his work with Kevin Godley, Lol Creme is a man of many talents. After leaving the band 10cc the pair had a string of hits most notably "Cry" and the self-produced, ground breaking video for the track. He has gone on to direct music videos for The Police, Eric Clapton, Tina Turner, Seal and even Tom Jones. Ever keen on technology, he has been working with the DolbyFax System which allows mobile recording and transfer over telephone lines with digital quality.

When he is not writing, directing or producing he paints. This site is a gallery of Mr. Creme's digital paintings, with additional information about current projects and tools. Not a fan page, it's the real thing.  (Back to top of page)

(970325) Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

Macmillan Publishing USA

There is a local restaurant franchisee contributing to a project to benefit children with terminal illnesses. What they are trying to build is a facility that may help these kids forget their troubles and just play. The Ronald McDonald House comes to mind as a model for this program, but the new project differs in many ways. One thing is very disturbing about this building. I know they must mean well, but can't stop myself from wondering who in their right mind designed the exterior of the structure. Once completed, the building will look like a giant gingerbread house!

From and adult's perspective it might sound sweet and precious, but imagine being a kid, you surely must remember who lived in that house those two German kids were lured into. How horrible it must be to have Hansel and Gretel's lament as a high point in your literary experience and then turn the corner to see this wretched place. Of course, all the while mom and dad are trying to convince you that it'll be fun.

The classic tales we grew up with were originally meant to scare children and others of slow wit into being good. For some reason they don't work as well now as when first written and have recently been updated.

The Politically Correct Bedtime Stories site is a very well done advertisement for a series of books and new CD-ROM written by James Finn Garner that add a PC spin to the stories most of us grew up with. Have a look at the report filed as a result of Red Riding Hood's arrest, and see a contemporary twist on Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Snow White and Three Pigs are also here, and even though this site is maintained by the publisher, you might not ever notice that they are trying to sell you something.  (Back to top of page)

(970326) The Marx Brothers

Stefan Timphus
Düsseldorf, Germany

I am willing to bet that the Marx Brothers are due for a resurgence in popularity pretty soon. Merchandizing of the Three Stooges came and went, the same can be said lately for more than a handful of dead celebrities. The sudden rediscovery of Chico, Groucho, Harpo, Zeppo, and maybe even Gummo could be ignited by something as simple as another US postage stamp. It might be spawned by that horrible video technique where new and old footage is edited together, and the estate of an entertainer agrees that the dearly departed cash cow would have endorsed product X when s/he was alive, so why not now. Let's have daddy sell laundry soap!

Before this all happens and we see far too much of them, take a look at this site and the links it contains. Mr. Timphus has done a splendid job of assembling biographical information about the Marx Brothers in this text heavy site. The history of the family is here along with performance information spanning several decades and mediums. The additional links will take you to other sites containing more photographs and lots of sound files if that's your pleasure. For the best of the Marx Brothers start here.  (Back to top of page)

(970327) Blue Dog Can Count!!

Thomas Wagner

Blue Dog Can Count!! is barely more than an image of Blue Dog which barks back the answers to simple math problems you present. She is always right -- it's too weird.

Blue Dog is the creation of Cajun painter George Rodrigue who specializes in capturing his unique Louisiana heritage on canvas. When you are done trying to stump Blue Dog, follow the link to GALERIE BLUE DOG, LTD. in Carmel, California, USA ( where additional examples of Mr. Rodrigue's work may be enjoyed.

Go Blue Go!  (Back to top of page)

(970328) Win Elvis Cadillac and Help Bring Children Home

National Missing Children's Locate Center Inc.
Portland, Oregon, USA

In an effort to raise awareness and funds for the National Missing Children's Locate Center Inc., the organization has decided on a raffle. The prize? a black 1971 Cadillac Sedan de' Ville purchased in Memphis by Elvis Presley for his Aunt Delta Mae. It is said that this vehicle was also used by Elvis and his "entourage" occasionally.

Published odds of winning are 1 in 90,533 (or less) and the drawing will be held on August 16, 1997 provided that all the tickets are sold prior to July 15, 1997. If not, the drawing will be held on January 8, 1998.

National Missing Children's Locate Center Inc. works to locate missing, lost and abducted children all over the world. They suggest you call 1-503-257-1308 for more information such as registering your missing child or someone in your family.

Use your own judgement when purchasing anything advertised or for sale, particularly over the Internet. This is not meant as an endorsement for the National Missing Children's Locate Center Inc., games of chance, charity organizations or even Elvis Presley. It is provided for entertainment purposes only. You decide for yourself if $15.00 US is worth a chance to be "Riding with the King".  (Back to top of page)

(970329) AntiqueLures (tm)

Michael Echols
Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day. Give a man an antique fishing lure and he'll catch really old fish until he loses it.

This site is maintained by a collector of antique fishing lures who wishes to display his extensive collection and to help others sharing his hobby. Dr. Echols has gone to great trouble to put up clear photographs and information pertaining to old minnows manufactured by Heddon, Shakespeare, Pflueger, and South Bend as well as the catalogs, original packaging and other items associated with such equipment.

A wonderful site to visit for those interested in commercial/industrial design, fishing, antiques or simply to see how one man is giving back to a community of collectors that helped him get started.  (Back to top of page)

(970330) The Easter Island Home Page

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

A great civilization was once reduced to ruin because of over population, deforestation and civil war. The surviving culture nearly lost forever after its "discovery" on Easter Day, 1722. Add large stone carvings, the origin of which has only recently been rediscovered, locate it no less than two thousand miles from the nearest population center and you have the makings for a very strange place.

Easter Island is such a place. The Easter Island Home Page is a highly recommended site and an excellent resource for learning more about the land, the people and the language referred to as Rapa Nui.  (Back to top of page)

(970331) The Happy Monkey Summer Adventure Camp

The Happy Monkey Summer Adventure Camp
Van Nuys, California, USA

This summer day-trip program looks like it would be a blast for kids ages 4-15. The Happy Monkey Summer Adventure Camp site gives details about the staff and activities for kids in four separate age groups to include music, education and sports. The amusement park visits coupled with overnight camping excursions (to let the kids unwind for a good long time outside after a big day at Wally World) looks like a great program.

If you are not in the Van Nuys, California area, you may still be able to glean a few ideas about places to visit in California or even where you live, with or without children.

Except for there being no alternate text attached to graphics, this site is fine example of how web pages can supplement or even replace a printed brochure. Not to mention it being a hilarious concept for a summer camp.  (Back to top of page)

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